Peter Getzlaff

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"I am working to facilitate journeys that put the learners in the driver’s seat and provide relevant experiences for them to question or reshape existing patterns"

Peter Getzlaff

Peter is a trainer, facilitator and consultant working in leadership- as well as organizational development.

Foundation for his work is a background in psychology as well as working experience collected in a broad variety of organizations (He worked in projects for half of the German DAX30 companies and with groups and individuals from all hierarchical levels). International assignments included USA, India, Saudi Arabia, UK, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Peter grew up as a digital native and has been fascinated by digital possibilities ever since. He also collected deep insights into digital learning along his career and is passionate to create adequate learning solutions for each and every setting.

Clients appreciate his open approach to groups, where he quickly establishes trust and an open, positive dynamic that allows for trying out new ideas and making mistakes.
His style is characterized by high sensitivity for individual needs within a group as well as a strong emphasis on organizational relevance of things.

Learning transfer is key to his approach.

Peter is passionate about the transformations towards new forms of work that organizations are undergoing today and helps to facilitate this transformation in different scenarios.


Leadership Development
Group Facilitation
Change Management
Team Building
New Work Forms (Agile, Scrum, Holacracy,…)
Diagnostics (Assessment-/ Development Center)
Consulting for Corporate Learning
Knowledge Management
Organizational Development


Psychologist (Diplom-Psychologe)
Manager Learning and Organizational Development at Accenture
Project Lead Leadership Qualification at PwC
Talent Development Specialist at PwC
Licensed for FIRO-B Tool


German and English