Inspiring Leadership

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Inspiring Leadership

Knowing yourself - Leading your Team

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We believe that leadership makes a difference. The difference between success and failure, between good and bad choices, between motivation and frustration. In these two workshops we focus on your leadership skills.

We want you to be successful, to make good choices, to be motivated and to be able to motivate.

Many people go to seminars to get to know leadership tools. For us, the most important leadership tool is the leader her/himself. And that is why we focus on developing the potential that every leader already has within him or herself.

Leading Yourself

In this workshop we invite you to a journey. A journey where you can reflect on your strengths and skills, on where you came from and more importantly where you want to go next.

Today's employees do not want to be managed - they want to be led and inspired. So that is why in this workshop you can explore what inspires you, what your vision for the future looks like and how you can reach it. And more than that: You can formulate and practice to communicate your vision to others, in order to inspire, to motivate, to convince and to create the change you want.

Here you can find some answers to the questions that occupy you. Here you can get more clarity on what you want and how your next steps can look like. And the journey does not end when the workshop ends. It continues. Our participants leave with a clearer sense of purpose, a vision, an action plan and with new friends.

Leading Others

This workshop gives you practical tools to make you a better leader - someone others refer to as an example of good leadership. Here, we look at the latest research and experience the best practice on the topics of inspiration, motivation, delegation and coaching. This highly experiential module ensures that you enhance your skills by giving you practical tips as well as the opportunity to exchange with other leaders.

You don't need charisma to become a leader. Being a leader GIVES you charisma
Seth Godin

Everyone has the power for greatness, not for fame but for greatness, because greatness is determined by service
Martin Luther King, Jr.

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You have the opportunity to reflect on your strengths and your current situation using a professional questionnaire on personality type (MBTI). You formulate a life vision which fits with your values. With the help of these techniques, you can drastically improve your own communication skills as well as your understanding for other people. Relaxation exercises as well as sport opportunities round off the seminar. Get to know the person that can dramatically change your life for the better: You!
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