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Communication in Business Context

Seek first to understand then to be understood

This training is designed to enhance your effectivity when communicating with other people. This will improve your quality of life as well as your relationships to other people. Theory and practical exercises find the perfect balance to provide you with optimal learning experiences.


No human being can be really successful all by himself. The big successes are all accomplished by individuals who interact: Colleagues, teams, customers, employees or friends and family. The quality of a private or of a business relationship largely depends on the communication of all involved. That is your key to success.

You will…

  • Align your understanding of situations with other people effectively
  • Reduce conflicts that result from misunderstandings
  • Understand others more deeply and at the same time make yourself understood more easily
  • Be able to get access to people more easily and to build trusting relationships
  • Be able to give precise and helpful feedback
  • Be able to notice and use different levels of communication
  • Notice signs of body language and be able to use it congruently

Let Us Talk

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"We find comfort among those who agree with us - growth among those that don't."

Frank A. Clark