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Who we are!

At SeminarPartner we believe that Leadership makes a huge difference. We believe that people want to contribute to a good cause or a meaningful objective. That is why we passionately dedicate ourselves to supporting organizations and their leaders to create a purpose driven culture that fosters performance as well as the development of their people.

For more than 2 decades we have delivered workshops, trainings and coaching on all continents in many industries. We have worked with thousands of leaders on all levels of organizations and that gives us the experience that you can benefit from.

We have rolled out global programs for
global companies. We receive praise for our work from former participants – sometimes even two decades after they have worked with us.

Our team consists of highly experienced facilitators, consultants and coaches who really love what they do.

SeminarPartner S.L.
Urb. Buenavista, Calle Brezo 5, Buzon 145
Mijas, Malaga 29650