Marcel Szenessy

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"To form a great company it is not enough to align people on the goals. True inspiration and motivation kicks in when the company is aligned on a positive culture as well. I love to assist teams and companies creating and designing that kind of culture. With that transformation teams truly can create magical change in motivation, in performance and in profits.“

Marcel Szenessy


Marcel Szenessy is the owner and general manager of the SeminarPartner S.L.
He is a trainer and consultant in Personal Development and Leadership.

Marcel summarizes his training philosophy: "My objective is to make the life of leaders and teams easier. I can give them tools to try out new behaviours and attitudes. This creates a positive and fundamental change in their team culture. Multiple studies have proven that customer satisfaction and profits go up when employee satisfaction rises. Better leaders save money for their companies or make more money for them in the long run. Happy teams work harder, longer and better. It is just more fun to work in a truely motivated team where everyone is working towards the same goal.
It is astounding to see how small changes are sufficient to lead to big changes."

Marcel has focused his work on the Development of Leadership Excellence. His course design for Leadership Development is used by companies worldwide and this has taken him to many countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. Marcel's clients are leading global players in Banking, Auto Manufacturing, Logistics, Consumer Electronics, Consumer Goods, Information Technology and Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services.

His highly participative, interactive and motivational style creates learning experiences that ensure an easy transfer of learning to the workplace. Besides the positive atmosphere, what participants value most in Marcel's trainings is how it has enriched their skills, broadened their view on leadership and made them much more effective as leaders.

Marcel has a university background in Business Administration and Psychology. He worked in HR for the world's largest mail order company, Otto Versand, and in Management Training for the Volkswagen Group before launching his freelance career in the year 2000.


Leadership Development
Systemic Organizational Development
Team Development
Self Management
Negotiating Skills, Communication and Presentation Skills


University Degree in Business Administration (Focus: Organization, Psychology and Management of Innovations)
Two years HR Professional with Otto Versand
More than two years Management Trainer with Volkswagen
Certified NLP Trainer
Licences for MBTI, Insights Discovery, DiSC and MRG/LEA 360° Feedback
Consultant for SystemDynamics


English and German