Heike Horn

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Heike Horn

"Nothing changes until you change yourself, then everything changes". Quote from the book "Stark in stürmischen Zeiten" from Bodo Janssen and Anselm Grün

Heike Horn

Heike supports people and organizations as independent trainer, coach and consultant worldwide. She helps leaders and teams grow in their competencies and she coaches in intercultural challenges. While living in the US, she founded her own company and started her business in 2014. She draws from her twenty plus years of experience of working in teams and as a leader in global banks such as UniCredit Group.

Heike is convinced that human-focused organizations take more sustainable steps and grow economically faster in the long run. She perceives openness, self-reflection and a positive inner mindset as keys to success. Clients benefit from her neutral perspective and her style of emphatically bringing hidden topics to the table.

Her clients appreciate Heike’s positive mindset and how she inspires others. They frequently mention the energizing atmosphere and how she creates a culture of openness that is based on humour and emotional depth. For Heike it is paramount that clients define their next practical steps before they leave the training room. The steps are directly applicable and make sure the training has a lasting effect. Clients often give feedback on the positive impact they had in their environment even with small changes shortly after the training.


  • Leadership Competence Trainings such as Self Management, Inner Mindset, Embodiment, Mindfulness, Neuroscience for Leaders, Stress Management, Personality Preferences Tools
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Team Development / Team Workshops
  • Intercultural Training and Coaching.


  • Bank Business Administration
  • Certified Systemic Business Coach
  • Master Trainer and Coach (ATD, USA)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
  • Provocative Coaching
  • Hypnosystemic Concepts
  • Self Management with Zuercher Ressources Model ®
  • Negotiation and Leadership Executive Training (PON, Harvard School of Business).


English, German